the simple way

Continuing with my last story where we directly manage JSON data in PostgreSQL, this story is much about to do the same but using go (golang).

So, having the same data;

the simple way

client = Docker client
server = Docker Host

So that
client is your computer (Mac, Linux, *BSD or other) where you have docker application installed, and you do your software development. …

the simple way

Some times we just want to store some non (that) structured data on SQL database and the big issue may be how to manage them.

Having the following planets data:

lets create simple table structure:

CREATE TABLE planets( 

On linux/unix environments scp are rsyncare widely used to transfer/synchronize files between servers since they provide a secure way to transfer files between two or more computer nodes.

Quickly (for inpatients):

me@server1 ~ % nc -l -p 4444 < file.txt
me@server2 ~ % nc -w 3 server1 4444 > file.txt

Jorge Quitério

System Architect

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